How long should you juice? What is a Juice Cleanse?

And other Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a Life Juice cleanse/ fast?

A juice cleanse, or as it is also sometimes called, a juice feast, is the process of detoxifying the body by consuming only vegetable and fruit juices, water and herbal teas. If you're interested in learning more about Life Juice Cleanse, contact one of our Customer Support Representatives today at contact@LifeJuiceShop.com or 877-33-JUICE!

What are the benefits of a Life Juice cleanse?

In today’s fast paced, increasingly processed world, our bodies are on overload. We consume copious amounts of nutritionally void, overly processed convenience foods and have strayed from eating wholesome food in its most valuable forms. Toxins in our food, water, and air are entering our bodies faster than we can eliminate them. While maintaining optimum nutritional balances, a Life Juice Cleanse allows your digestive system time to catch up, eliminating toxins and wastes quickly and naturally. During this process, the wholesome nutrients present in Life Juice’s raw ingredients support and encourage the body's natural processes. There is a wide array of positive, pleasant side effects that you may experience as a result of a Life Juice cleanse: increased energy, mental clarity, restorative sleep, a healthy glow, improved metabolism, weight loss, strengthened immunity, reduced allergies, normalized blood pressure, elevated mood and sex drive, less unhealthy cravings, or a feeling of lightness.†

How long should you juice?

This question is two-fold. Life Juice offers a one (1) day cleanse, a three (3) day cleanse, and a five (5) day cleanse.  We recommend easing into your cleanse with a three-day pre cleanse diet  and easing out of the cleanse with a five-day post cleanse diet.  AND we recommend making juicing part of your regular diet – it is a great way to get in your veggies and the benefits can be amazing.

How is juice cleansing different from fasting?

Life Juice cleanses provide your body with the valuable nutrients it needs to function and flourish, and perform optimum detoxification, while reducing the work required by the digestive system. Your body can focus on its cleanse, supported by the array of vitamins and nutrients Life Juice provides and may enjoy increased energy and a great start to a healthy lifestyle. Harsh, traditional fasts using water and flavorings like lemons deprive your body of much needed nutrients. Without the appropriate vitamins and minerals, your detox organs struggle to function, your energy is decreased, and you are left feeling empty, undernourished, and lethargic.†

Is juice cleansing just a fad?

The most respected health practices encourage regular cleansing in order to promote vitality, longevity and a peaceful state of mind. Long before processed “convenience” foods, high stress lifestyles, and impurities in the environment, people had been detoxing and practicing gentle cleanses as a means to a healthier lifestyle. Unlike traditional water and lemon cleanses and other deprivation fads, Life Juice cleanses also provide your thirsty body with tons of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. Thankfully, juice cleanses and detoxes are being rediscovered by society today as a way to help promote good health, energize our bodies and look and feel younger.†

Doesn't my body cleanse and replenish nutrients naturally?

By nature, our bodies are cleansing, detoxifying and healing imbalances on a daily basis. And while our natural cleansing processes are designed to support our health and wellbeing, the modern routine of eating nutritionally void restaurant meals and take out, late night snacking, and in general hurried attitude, upsets the natural balance. Consumption of alcohol, caffeine and medications overload the cleansing process, and pollution further complicates the situation. So while cleansing is a natural process, we are overloading our bodies and causing harmful build-ups and imbalances like allergies, poor digestion, weight gain and fatigue and aches. Often unintentionally, we deprive our bodies of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in whole, unprocessed foods and meals made from scratch. Life Juice offers our digestive systems a break and a chance to fill up on those invaluable nutrients our bodies crave.


How will I feel during a cleanse?

Responses to Life Juice cleanses are as varied as the wonderful people that choose to take part in them. While there are some standard “side effects,” your experience will be unique. You may look forward to heightened energy, improved sleep, clarity of mind, and a healthy glow. Many Life Juice cleansers experience a decrease in unhealthy cravings, improved metabolism, some weight loss, strengthened immunity, reduced allergies, and normalized blood pressure. While the large majority of “side effects” you’re likely to experience during a Life Juice cleanse are positive, it is possible that you will display some not so pleasant symptoms during the cleanse. Life Juice cleanses are specifically designed to minimize negative effects; however you may experience headaches, fatigue, or irritability. Abdominal cramping, increased urinary output, bowel upset and elimination of mucus are not uncommon. If you are currently consuming mostly processed foods or are participating in a lengthy cleanse, you may find that these negative symptoms are more pronounced. Keep in mind that while these symptoms may be unpleasant, they are a direct result of your body taking the cleanse as an opportunity to eliminate toxins and restore natural balances with the help of the Life Juices. If you need support reach out to a Life Juice Customer Care Advocate at contact@LifeJuiceShop.com or 877-33-JUICE. If you experience any serious adverse reactions, you should break the cleanse immediately and seek medical attention.

Will I need to use the bathroom constantly?

Since a Life Juice cleanse directly impacts your digestive system, it is normal to expect changes in bowel habits, however there is no reason to be concerned. During your juice cleanse it is important to maintain and encourage regular bowel movements, as this is the means by which your body eliminates waste and toxins. It is not uncommon for the bowel to actually slow during a cleansing so be aware of your body, and if necessary, encourage elimination with a supplement. Experts advise that optimal elimination occurs two to three times per day, so while being sensitive to your body’s needs and avoiding aggressive tactics, keep the goal in mind during a juice cleanse. Naturally when you consume more liquids you will urinate more.  This is your body's natural way of flushing toxins from your body. Your daily life should not be interrupted during a Life Juice cleanse, but keep the goal of a successful cleanse in mind.

Will I lose weight?

While the goal of the Life Juice cleanse is ultimately to replenish sorely needed vitamins and nutrients and to detoxify your body, you may find that weight loss and reduced bloating are welcome side effects. If you are already fairly health conscious and slim, you may find that your body simply does not have excess weight to lose. If you are carrying excess weight or leading a diet low in nutrients and high in processed foods, it is possible that you will see changes on the scale while you rejuvenate and heal your body with a Life Juice cleanse. Because the Life Juice cleanse provides more than adequate vitamins and nutrients, you will not encounter a dangerous loss of weight, and we always recommend being aware of responding to your body's clues.

What about fiber and protein?

One of the reasons you're likely to experience an increase in energy during your cleanse is that the cleanse reduces the amount of fiber you ingest. While fiber is a helpful aide, it does slow down digestive processes and expends important energy. The lack of fiber in the Life Juice cleanse gives your body time to work hard at flushing toxins out while giving you an energy boost! And, a plant-based diet like a Life Juice cleanse isn't completely void of the proteins your body needs to thrive. As a bonus, plant proteins assimilate much better in your body. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are found in all the fruits and vegetables used to make your Life Juice cleanse.


Who should cleanse?

Ideal for any active adult (over the age of 18), or any adult looking to get active, Life Juice cleanses are designed with you in mind. If you’re looking to jump-start your health, detoxify your body, and increase your energy, a Life Juice cleanse may be right for you! We want to be part of your healthy lifestyle and we’re glad you chose Life Juice for your cleanse. That being said, there are some conditions that are not compatible with a juice cleanse – we do invite you to explore our selection of Life Juices for everyday consumption. Just because a cleanse isn’t recommended doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the wholesome goodness of Life Juice’s raw juice selection. Please be sure to review the next question, “Who Should Not Cleanse?” and consult your health care provider before embarking on your cleanse.

Who should not cleanse?

Life Juice does not recommend participation in a juice cleanse by anyone under the age of 18. During pregnancy and nursing, a Life Juice cleanse is not appropriate due to the increased nutritional and caloric needs of your body and those of your growing baby. If you suffer from any of the following, we strongly recommend that you consult with a physician before committing to any cleansing program: chronic degenerative disease, hypothyroidism, anemia, diabetes, low blood sugar, heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, epilepsy, eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, low blood pressure, compromised immunity. And remember, just because a cleanse isn't in the cards right now doesn't mean that you can't benefit from the full selection of wholesome, raw Life Juice products.

When should I cleanse, how often, and for how long?

There are no black and white guidelines to tell you when, for how long, and how often you should participate in a Life Juice cleanse. The answer is different for everyone. We encourage you to start a cleanse when you need to facilitate change, feel run down, or have overindulged. Life Juice cleanses are also a great way to combat a common cold, so at the first sign of the sniffles, consider beginning a cleanse.† Life Juice offers a variety of cleanse lengths ranging from one (1) to five (5) days, our most popular being the Three (3) Day Cleanse. Some of our customers enjoy the benefits of cleansing so much that they choose to extend a cleanse by ordering additional days. Keep in mind that Life Juice does recommend a pre cleanse  and post cleanse period in order to optimize the outcome, so these days should be factored into your cleanse cycle. The frequency of your cleanses depend entirely on you and the needs of your body. Some Life Juice customers partake seasonally, some twice a year, some monthly, but ultimately the recurrence is up to you. Pay attention to the needs of your body and you’ll find that developing a routine that works for you is simple.

When can I start?

You can start your Life Juice cleanse whenever you are ready! Our juice cleanse is designed to assimilate nearly seamlessly into your everyday life, so you don’t have to worry about drastically changing your schedule before beginning a cleanse. Keep in mind that Life Juice strongly recommends following our pre and post cleanse guidelines in order to prepare you physically and mentally for the cleanse, and optimize the results of your cleanse. The pre cleanse preparation period and diet last three (3) days, and while planning remember that Life Juice delivers Tuesday through Friday and requires three business days to process your order. Don’t worry, when ordering you’ll have to option to let us know when your cleanse will be starting to ensure seamless delivery.

What about diet and exercise?

Of course, diet and regular exercise are valuable tools in starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We’re given a set of tools to thrive and survive, and there’s no reason we can’t use all of them! Even while maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, we need to allow our bodies a total break from processing even healthy food so that it can focus its natural processes on cleansing and detoxification. A juice cleanse is a great way to allow our bodies the time they need to cleanse, to kick start a healthy lifestyle, and achieve balance between modern conveniences and better choices. One of the potential benefits of a juice cleanse is an increase in energy, and you may find yourself eager to get moving.†  We recommend following your standard exercise routine, or exploring yoga or Pilates.

What if I'm taking medication?

Contacting your healthcare provider before beginning a Life Juice cleanse is always suggested, and in the event you are taking any medication or supplement it is imperative.

How long do the Life Juices keep?

Once opened, please consume within 3 days.

What is your delivery area?

Life Juice is available for delivery nationwide.

What if I want to cancel my order?

All cancellations must be within three (3) business days of your delivery date and must be rescheduled. There are no refunds, only credits. If you're having second thoughts, reach out to our Client Support Representatives and we'll make sure you feel comfortable with your purchase and the decision to give your mind and body the gift of Life Juice.

What if I opened my shipment to find melted ice packs?

Unless the items received are warm, you don't need to worry. Life Juice shipping methods and ice packs will keep the juices cold for a reasonable amount of time, and providing you place your Life Juice in the refrigerator immediately they will be fine. If your order was received warm, contact a Customer Support Representative immediately and do not consume the juice.

My order never arrived!

Contact Life Juice immediately so that we can rectify the situation!


Get Hungry?

During a Life Juice cleanse you may find yourself hungry. The fact of the matter is if you are accustomed to consuming large amounts of filling solid food, your body will need to adjust. The good news is that the hungry feeling should be fleeting and that there are ways to cope with the hunger. Try to drink your juices slowly, maintaining awareness of the fact that you are consuming a nutritious raw juice that will benefit your body. See if you can shift your perception of the juice cleanse from depriving yourself to providing your mind and body with a wholesome, balanced meal.  You are always welcome to consume water and decaffeinated herbal teas as needed.  We have Life Juice Client Support Representatives  ready and willing to support you on this exciting journey!


If your resolve slips and you find you’ve broken your Life Juice cleanse, don’t beat yourself up. You and your cleanse are a work in progress. Try your best to avoid a slip by consuming each juice with mindfulness, considering it a wholesome, nutritionally balanced meal, rather than a substitute for a meal. See if you can embrace the new empty sensation in your stomach and ponder your hunger. If you really MUST eat something, try to tame the munchies with a few celery stalks, 8 raw almonds, a couple of cucumber slices, warm vegetable broth or a half a cup of black coffee. Get back on track with your next bottle of Life Juice as soon as possible, and think about all the great vitamins and nutrients you are providing your body.

Feel Yucky and Uninspired?

Don't give up! Remind yourself that by committing to a Life Juice cleanse, you are giving yourself a great present. Even though you may initially feel as though you are depriving your body, remember that you are actually allowing your body to rest, and ingesting healthy, wholesome, raw juices that are filled with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that your body craves. A little bit of moral support can go a long way, so feel free to call our Client Support Representatives!

Don't want to drink all the Life Juices?

Life Juice cleanses are formulated not only to promote an optimum detoxification, but to give you all the calories and nutrition that your body needs to have a great day. To reap the most benefits, you should enjoy all six juices in the order directed, or as close to possible. If you’re struggling, remember that as your body adjusts and begins absorbing the wholesome nutrients Life Juice provides it will likely begin to develop a taste for them.

Can I switch the order of the juices?

Please follow the order of the juices.  But if you make a mistake don't worry! While we won’t insist that you follow the provided schedule for a Life Juice cleanse, keep in mind that we’ve formulated our cleanse to provide you with optimal nutrient and antioxidant absorption. Not only are the Life Juices chock full of great nutrition, they are designed and arranged in sequential order in the best possible way for your body.

How long should you juice cleanse for?


Life Juice offers a 1 Day Juice Cleanse, a 3 Day Juice Cleanse, and a 5 Day Juice Cleanse to help rid your body of toxins and waste and repair and rejuvenate itself.






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